Must have scripts for Adobe After Effects

I am always on the look out for scripts or presets for Adobe After Effects that can speed up my work flow or can add interesting effects without having to spend hours writing expressions. The following three are my favorites.

Ease and Wizz: This script has a few select in/out ease settings that you can apply with a click. Every once in awhile you may have to do a bit of tweaking of the expression but most of the time, just apply the setting and you are done. A must have for all your animations, whether text based or 3D.

RepositionAnchorPoint: How many times have you placed a few objects or text in a frame only to find the anchor point on some of them is not where you want it? Repositioning each using the AE anchor position setting just takes too long. With this script you just click and the anchor position is set where you want it without repositioning the object or text.

Align Layers: Great for 3D work. When I work with 3D layers sometimes its just easier to work with all of the layers rather than   each layer separately.

When you’re looking at a deadline creeping ever closer, these three scripts are lifesavers!




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