Do you know what you love to create?

Love this video. Its an introduction to Maya 2017 and leads into a lecture by founder of a production studio Rockstar. Eugene Riecansky walks through the creative process behind making a video using the new software. As he walks through the creative he always refers to how he and his team works. At one point he says, “As we started down this route, I realized this isn’t us, this isn’t our bag, this isn’t what we make…we went looking around the internet and I found this picture…this picture sums us up completely, it’s grungy, its rock and roll…”

I hear this in a lot in interviews with successful designers and is in part what makes a production company successful. They know what they enjoy creating, they know who they are and they stick with it. Very tough to do when clients want something different every time, or are worried it doesn’t fit their brand. Of course, these successful artists and designers probably started out doing work that may not have been “what we do” but after producing more and more great work, they now are known for their distinct look. Something to aspire to, I guess!

And of course its always interesting to hear how other teams work together. Maya 2017 looks like something to add to my tool collection for After Effects. Grap a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy!

Maya, Motion Graphics, and KNGDM from Autodesk Media and Entertainment on Vimeo.

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