Thinking of using VR for an upcoming project? Apple and Adobe are here to help

With Apple introducing an iMac Pro said to be able to handle high frame rate VR and 4K footage and now Adobe announcing their acquisition of SkyBox plugins and Mettle technology allowing for editing of virtual-reality content in their Premiere Pro app, it seems we are on the way towards a whole new (editing) world!

If you want a preview the plugins and you already have a Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, just send an email to Include your Adobe ID with first and last name as it appears on your account. They will reply with an email stating it will take 24-48 hours then they will send on a link. If you are already a SkyBox customer, you can still get support through Mettle. Support and service will then come from Adobe once fully integrated with Adobe products.

Adobe also has a great tutorial for editing in VR with Premiere Pro that includes assets.

Here are a few links promoting the use of VR for brands and education:

  • 5 Fantastic Things VR Can Do For Children
  • Headset, Ready, Go!
  • Why VR is the next big thing for brands
  • As a techie and a professional video editor this is all great news! A new market may emerge, more work may come your way and of course, more (editing) toys to play with. But first and foremost the programs we produce must tell a great story. And now we have a new way of telling them.

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