About me.

Hi. my name is Kate Caplis and I am video producer living and working in Chicago, Illinois. I am blessed to work with some of the best crew and creatives in the city.

Recent video productions include a story of strength and love between a couple battling a crippling disease and an interview with a video artist sharing how her spirituality influences her work. 

I am also constantly learning and exploring new tools in filmmaking, photography and motion design as it seems the technology is changing daily.

About the name.

I blame Irish Movies! I was bingeing on a few like "Secret of Roan Inish", "Waking Ned Devine" and "Into the West".   And so under the influence of Irish cinema, I began my search for the name of my company. While watching these films I realized that in most of them a white horse would appear? Hmm. I am of Irish descent but had no idea the significance of the white horse. So after a quick search on the internet, I found out that first, there are no such animals. (That's right! A truly white horse doesn't exist. A grey horse or spotted horse, yes. All white? No. ) And that a white horse is more of a mythological figure placed in a story to represent “Good”. After all, it is the hero who rides in on the white horse, or a maybe it's a princess or a goddess.

The opposite of good is, of course, evil.  I thought of my black cat Riley. He wasn't evil, but he was a black cat and black cats are known as unlucky or at the very least a bit sinister. Cats have their own mythology as well. Hmmm...

Good vs evil, heroes and villains, magic and spells, all elements of a great story!   

The logo.

The logo was designed by a wonderful artist, Hannah Maximova.  I love that the two animals seem to be leaping beyond the boundary that holds them. A sense of motion, leaping towards freedom, adventure, and more great stories!